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    We not only produce crushed & screened perlite for different kind of industries like Metallurgy and Foundry, but also have capability of expanding perlite for filter aid, add mixture for construction materials, horticultural use, cryogenic and isolation and insulation too. As a mineral processing Plant, we are able to offer our customers their ...


    Perlite mets, expands and attain an extremely porous surface, increasing its volume by 10-14 times. It result in superior thermal insulation and sound proofing properties, as well as in extreme lightness (weights 32-40kg/m3). As volcanic glass, perlite is non-flammable.

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    Mar 4, 2014 In the United States, crude perlite ore production (424 000 metric tons in 2012) came from eight mines transport to the processing plant. Crude perlite processing is limited to crushing Efficiency of perlite as a low cost adsorbent applied to removal of Pb and Cd from paint industry effluent.

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    The desired size processed perlite ore is stored until it is shipped to an expansion plant. At the expansion plants, the processed ore is either preheated or fed directly to the furnace. Preheating the material to approximately 430 E C (800 E F) reduces the amount of fines produced in

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    Perlite Ore – We specialize in Perlite processing.Mining, and … Interest in the Tucker Hill area goes back to 1949 when a group of local prospectors staked claims on outcropping perlite located … expand the processing plant.. Click & Chat Now

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    S&B Industrial Minerals contracted with Mouat to provide a greenfield perlite processing plant in Brunswick, Georgia. As part of this contract, Mouat designed, fabricated and installed a new building and installed process equipment including a rotary dryer, material conveying equipment and a new screen tower to dry, screen and store granular perlite.

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    Perlite Expanded Processing Plant After crushing perlite, may be made of insulating material. Perlite ore includes perlite, obsidian rock and turpentine.

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    Packaged or bulk perlite may be used to insulate smaller vessels by pouring or blowing the insulation into place. Portable perlite expansion plants are usually used to insulate storage tanks, cold boxes, ships, and other double wall vessels and pipes.

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    Perlite Process Flowsheet The flowsheet illustrated is applicable for various tonnages from 50 to 400 tons per 8-hour day. Tonnages greater than 400 will want to consider parallel circuits rather than increasing the size of equipment required and the possibility of producing fines as a by-product to larger tonnage operations.

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    The group consists of three expanded perlite plants in different locations (Istanbul, Kutahya, Antalya) and one processing plant in Kutahya with a capacity of 250.000mt yearly.