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    Well limestone is porous so it can absorb water. The effects of quarrying limestone are: Creates huge holes Destroys landscapes Diggers and trucks used in the process cause pollution. ...

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    Limestone mining can pollute water and create sinkholes. When limestone dissolves while it's still in the ground, caves and gullies form, a natural phenomenon known as karst. Although this doesn't hurt the environment in its natural form, once the limestone is mined out, sinkholes can form and disrupt underground waterways.

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    Apr 27, 2018· Acidic water plays havoc with copper pipes over time, which is why many people opt for water treatment tanks that contain limestone and other sands or minerals. They act as a base for changing the water’s pH content as well as help to remove iron and its byproducts from the water.

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    Limestone mining can affect ground water conditions. Limestone deposits often occur in association with karst, a topography where limestone slowly dissolves away underground. The deposits result in sinkholes, caves and areas of rock fractures that form underground drainage areas.

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    … water as it passes through the limestone grooves (limestone providing bleaching effect) … This is still the most widely used method of creating drinking water in the island …. It has lovely flower garden in front and vegetable and fruit gardens at the back side.

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